Don't Look Now

by Zero Star

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Rodney Hall
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Rodney Hall First heard him on the Hip Hop Renatus mixtape, but this was the first original joint I heard by him; it's motivatonal and conceptual. Favorite track: 72' Dolphins.
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In my past I've had what some may consider to be a decent amount of money to my name, so showing it off to me was never a big deal. I liked my cash to be stacked correctly, and also in some kind of bag. I'm pretty fast, and newcomers are a little shaky. But, just think if you could write one rap verse that could redo your past history. If life is like a tv show, then I would imagine death would be like the show The Sopranos. Because when you are dead, that's it, it's over. I would like to one day perhaps perform at Carnegie Hall. My rough around the edges family will possibly kill you in my name. However, there are actual soldiers in the country of Iraq living their life in a similar fashion to John Rambo. Back to me I'm a fellow who has read much of the poet Dante's work, and I also think Phonte Coleman of the groupe Little Brother makes excellent hooks. Hopefully the package of music I deliver to you is as astonishing as Beyonce Knowles beauty. I've been told I have a great smile that lights up the room. In my most arrogant of thoughts I feel I actually know where Noah's Ark is currently located. At times I feel my art is doomed, so I have to hurry up and make it a full time job before it's too late. I grab a pen and then I write on notebook paper. Hopefully the next time you say you saw me, it was on a stage performing music. However after I'm done doing so I may or may not partake in inhaling some of the cannabis plant to ease my mind. But, I will not forget at the end of the night to collect any money I may have acquired from performing. When I am sleep I actually still think of rapping. I think of clever ways to make words rhyme that sound skillful. Once I feel I have gotten my just due I can happily die in peace. Sometimes I feel as though the local writers barely know I exist. But, I try not to let it bother me, because I don't want to be seen as vein. So, maybe in the future I am next to achieve success. It is also possible I am next to die. There is also a slight chance I could go back to selling drugs although I'd rather not. If you talk about the slang words I use, well I have many. In my past I had lots of women, I also used to call women birds. To count them all would be absurd. However, now I'm just trying to do it with one woman. We get along great and I love her, so when we are around each other it's a fun occasion. Some people say it's a long road to success. But, to me if you are even listening to my song then I feel like I've made it. I try to not worry about minor things in life. Next year at this time I would love it, if I were not in debt. I grab a pen and then I write on notebook paper. Hopefully the next time you say you saw me, it was on a stage performing music. However after I'm done doing so I may or may not partake in inhaling some of the cannabis plant to ease my mind. But, I will not forget at the end of the night to collect any money I may have acquired from performing. I would just like to live a good life, I don't need a mansion, but I also don't want a less than reputable wife. Rap music is weird, one time Wyclef ran for president. Every day someone gets killed, however police are not able to acquire any evidence. Finding a twenty dollar bill sometimes feels like a God send. My will is now feeling stronger than any other point in my life.
No Gloves 03:38
It is of my opinion that if I continue to rap at an extremely high level, eventually music critics will give me the respect that I currently seek. I consider myself to be a pretty well rounded lyricist, and I am pretty swell at writing choruses also. I've reached my limit of patience, and you seem to be frightened by that. There are women who if approached wrong would have no second thought in cutting off your penis. Or they would possibly have you setup in a bad situation for a set amount of money. I'm telling you if you want to start trouble you can die. If you die you will either go to heaven or hell. To the younger generation out there, listen to what we say, even though what we say and what we do are two totally different things. Sometimes becoming a hypocrite is the only way we can get you to listen. If you were to only see what we do, then many evil things will be placed upon you. King Tut is in a tomb. You could be visited by some people you would rather not see. Because on most mornings and early afternoon they have already consumed a large amount of Cognac. So, if they are not in the sober state, they may make bad decisions that would affect you badly. Do you get my drift? If you get on the stand and accuse me of crime that may not be in your best interest. I say words with much authority, and after that I may roll a joint. So, you have to take me for my ups and downs. Hopefully you can figure things out, before a stranger in the alley figures it out. Remember what it was like when you didn't have a lot. There's a lot of bad going on in the world. No one can escape it. Even if you're a good person. You shouldn't count your eggs before their hatched. However, if you believe, it can happen for you. Even the New Orleans Saints won a super bowl, so you can do it too. Sometimes, I write about things I'm not really proud of. It goes out to the public and fans alike. When you put things out for the world to hear, critics may misinterpret the message you are trying to get across. The future is now. The future is clearly what you are looking at. This is life is for people with big dreams. If you have shallow dreams, then go hang with those losers over there. It's really hard trying to find your place in the world. Remember the day you were born? Well someone also died that same day. If I feel like you may have shorted me any money you owe me I will be double checking. I'm trying to come from nothing to something. Do you want to do a track with Al Shepard? I can probably help you out, but you will have to pay him. But, I have done music with Al Shepard because we were friends. Do you see the difference? So go away and don't bother me. I'm sure you are wondering how is it I am able to do the things I do. I think we should have some sort of rap contest. If you lose then you have to leave. Me losing a bet isn't a very likely scenario. I bet you if someone had a gun pointed at you, you wouldn't act so out of control. I feel super confident in myself at this point. Once I was able to repay any outstanding debt I was then able to acquire more money. I bet that you get drunk because you are stressed out. I don't do that anymore.
The Grind 03:22
What do you know about that? I have a very strong knowledge about that. I know what it is like to lose things you didn't want to lose, so it can be confusing. I may have not been sober when I wrote this, but I said it with a sober heart. Time moves very fast. If you look at the sun directly you could go blind. You have to realize that you can't live in the past. I had to cut back on the amount of drinking I was doing, because it was causing destructive behavior. In poor neighborhoods, lots of black kids grow up wanting to play basketball. If you get caught in a situation police will surround you and force you to surrender. Once you surrender they will not treat you nicely. Drug dogs will sniff your vehicle until they find what they are looking for. So, watch out for that. You can't allow yourself to move backwards if you want to move forward. When you are young you think you have everything figured out. But, life doesn't always go how you want it to go. You've only been clocked in for one minute and now you are counting down the time until you get off work. Your new year's resolution was to start working out. But, you don't have time for that, because you have to go sell drugs real quick. Criminals talk to each other in code. You must do whatever you can to avoid bad situations. Time continues to move repeatedly, never stopping. You would like to move up in the world, but you have to learn patience. You sell drugs and you have lots of customers. Someone helped you out when you were just starting out. Now you are near the highest level. You want to get a really nice vehicle, now that you can afford one. Your girl doesn't know what you are into, so when she comes home asking how your day was, you pretend everything is just fine. You don't stress much because you are never sober. You are actually a pretty depressed individual. But, still since you have new acquired wealth you shower your girlfriend in flowers. You are an atheist. You may die soon, but you won't acknowledge it. You think about money so much you barely have time to sleep. On the day you finally died you decided you were gonna go legit, but it was too late.
72' Dolphins 04:21
They say God is everywhere, but it would also appear that the devil is close by. You can't actually put a stopper on eternity, because it doesn't have one. Evil people will try and drag you down with them. If you can't choose you may have to settle for good and bad. Go to school, and sell drugs on the side. I would like to take a vacation where I can relax on a peddle boat. I think the devil may have spoken to me inside my jail cell one time. I had to ignore him to make myself a better man. Now, I want nothing but good for me and my associates. I no longer have to wish for things that seemed so far away. They are right within my grasp. I would like to never have to worry about what I'm gonna eat ever again. They say what you don't know could hurt you. But, what you don't know could possibly thrill you. Choose one. Do you want to win at life or lose? I would like to win so much so that i would be considered a legendary person in my craft. Hello Animal Web how are you doing? I was in a crew when I was young called Animal Web. We were young teenagers with nothing much to do, but hang out and try and have sex with girls our age or older. Sarah Carter is my grandmother who raised me. If not for her guidance and trusting ways, I wouldn't be where I am. I think about a former classmate who did went to jail in 6th grade for killing someone. I wonder how bad his home life may have been at times. Since he had no structure he had to go to jail. When a corrections officer tells you to do something in jail you have to do it, or get in trouble. It sounds troubling, but its true. Men fight over food, and you have to fight in order to prove you are a man. Thanks to anyone who is listening to this song. Sometimes, I like to reminisce about my younger days. But, I am also happy with my current life. i am speaking of true stories. I do not want to end up of like Tupac Shakur's character in the movie "Juice." I just want people to say my name with great regard. In closing I would just like to point out once again, that I would like to win at life. Thank You
Listen Up 02:20
Be quiet son or daughter. I would like to tell you some things about the world. I'd like to clear up any rumors or misconceptions you might have. Do you hear that ringing noise? Those are called sirens. Whenever you hear those normally something bad happens. Death happens to everyone. Hopefully you are never subject to murder. I promise i will do everything in my power to keep you away from shady situations. Under my guidance you will be nothing other than a successful man or woman. I will never turn my back on you. That is what I feel is my job as a parent. If you don't care about something, then don't waste your time on it. Your word is everything. If you make hollow promises people will not respect you. Daughter I'm sorry, but one day some guy will break your heart and it will hurt, but it will get better. If you ever get into any trouble just be honest. The truth has never killed anyone, but lies do. I can't guarantee we won't ever get bombed by terrorists again. We have never met the Obama family, but they seem like lovely people. Everything you do is a reflection of you as a person, remember that. Life is really hard. Men will not take you serious if you act like a loose woman. Figure out what you want to do in life and pursue those things only. Everything else is a waste of time. You will have many people who claim to be your friend. But, you will find out who is really your friend in your darkest hour. If I have to work at McDonald's drive thru to provide a decent life for you, I will do just that.
I'm really appreciative of the fact that you are now listening to me rap. When I was growing up I hoped this would happen to me. Furthermore, growing up I didn't have very much. But, now I'm moving right along. I bet you didn't think I could be in it for the long haul. What's the point of rhyming if you aren't accomplishing anything? You could be here today and gone tomorrow. If I want to achieve maximum success I have to make the necessary sacrifices. Everyday I hear less talented people making it, for silly reasons. Life is not a joke, it can force you to smoke for release. September 19th 2010 I went skydiving. I know its past that date, but I was wondering would you have wanted to go if you knew I was going as well? All I'm trying to do is realize my potential. I'm not concerned with being called the best rapper out. Keep doing whatever you do, I'll be over here doing my own thing. Whether you think I'm amazing or you have never heard of me in your life, my goal is to make your experience listening to me rap enjoyable. Hopefully by the time I'm done you will no longer doubt me. I hear a lot of stuff from rappers everyday, that I don't believe to be true. I swear it's not true. Pardon me I would feel awful if I forgot to mention my friend who passed away, Chris Sheffield. Let's hang out when I get to heaven. Nothing lasts forever. Please pass the pipe, so we can all get high. I don't ever look for trouble, but if you would like to fight I'll be more than happy to oblige your request. Sometimes I'm stubborn, so even if I'm wrong I may not admit it right away. What do I have to do to get respect? Should I get a myspace page? A twitter account? Take silly photos? Never smile? I've always feel safe going out of town. If you have no fans then who is listening to you?
Bonus Track ft Maggz (free) 02:34


I'm back with a new release for the masses to hear, I'm feeling better than ever, and I believe it shows through the music. I'm always striving to get better with each release, and this is no different. Thank you for your support.



released July 5, 2011


all rights reserved



Zero Star Columbus, Ohio

My last bio was type wack, so now I gotta write some fly shit about myself in order to get you believe I'm indeed the professional dope move buster I claim to be. One day I woke up like oh shit I know Kung fu. After taking out around 1200 agents at once I flew to outer space and came back enlightened like a mothafucka. After that day, it's never been the same. How's that for fly shit? ... more

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