Sleep Walking

by Zero Star

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"Sleep Walking" is a song I've had laying around for a while, I planned on releasing it some months back, but I had other things going on at the moment that were more important, so the timing wasn't right. The timing seems to be right this fine Tuesday morning though, so here it is.


Testing 1,2,3, need another check, nikes on my feet so unique that's another check, fuck that shit tho I'm talking paper another check, here to milk the game for my life like a mother's breast, what you don't know won't hurt time to move on, that's why I'm dancin over beats I get my groove on, too strong fight to make it right but it's been too wrong, space dust the answer if you wanna know what dudes on, everywhere I touch down the people show me love yo, cause I spit that slick shit but I am not a thug no, fuck a red carpet catch me walking on a rug bro, never let a slug go but funny as the Doug show, I grew up hella shaky my parents hella flaky, but it's all cool looking back cause yo it rmade me, Sarah L Carter grandmother yo she raised me, strong black woman most wonderful of ladies, but now I'm grown underground fighting on the A Team, ducking cops fuck a swat I'm living past my 18th, some people say I'm Shaft when I rap that's a great theme, I represent Rewind University a great team, lots of women love me, a few that probably hate me, a couple wanna date me, and some that wanna rape me, ask a loaded question well I'm hoping its on safety, death awaits everyone the reaper got that gate key, I came up during Bernie's a little young for Groove Shack, started selling pills coke finally tried to move crack, got a little weight and shit was worse than tryin to move Shaq, I slipped that black hole what you thinking I'm trying to move back, selling drugs'll never make you cool that shit is too wack, my white boys from the country out there banging 2 pack...I mean 2pac 2pac pardon the confusion on that one.....

I used to get around hold it down word to merry go, spaceship music blasting off going aerial, deep sea diving tryin to mack up on an Arielle but strap it up bro I aint tryin to get venereals, cause that'll be the same shit that's settin up your burial, end of the road slowly blasting through the stereo, tryin to stick with me's like Allen Iver when he carry bro, when I was just a kid my teachers used to call me Careo, but my name's Karrio I'm similar to Wario except I'm transforming all my evils into audio, no breaking up bricks over chicks I ain't Mario, I'm just being honest that's a promise I ain't sorry though.


released March 12, 2012
Prod by Drielb
Lyrics K. Ballard


all rights reserved



Zero Star Columbus, Ohio

My last bio was type wack, so now I gotta write some fly shit about myself in order to get you believe I'm indeed the professional dope move buster I claim to be. One day I woke up like oh shit I know Kung fu. After taking out around 1200 agents at once I flew to outer space and came back enlightened like a mothafucka. After that day, it's never been the same. How's that for fly shit? ... more

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